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Conversation Between B'sCeltsPatsSox and Eagles4Lyfe

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  1. lol i saw you and Saddler talking to each other in the Kobe thread and was like"uhm, is it weird that I have no idea what they're talking about, or taht I don't really understand what language they're talking in lol"
  2. Some wrestling forum game saddler plays hahaha
  3. lol. wtf does pww mean?
  4. Wuddup bra??

    P.S Release Wilfork
    Thanks, Eagles fan
  5. Hi
  6. I never knew your brother was on this site too
  7. OTC in NFL RD.
  8. are you on
  9. That's the reason why the Red Sox want him lol.
  10. True dat, I can see that to unless one of them comes our way
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