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Conversation Between Twitchy and jakub

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  1. Awesome, thanks.
  2. Spot on
  3. Hey. Quick question for you. If I waive a player and send him to the AHL that won't count against the cap, but it will still count in my finances as player salaries, right?
  4. When you get a chance, please have Twitchy sending me a PM that he is on board with helping you run this game.
    -Sports Illustrator
    can u do it?
  5. Coolio. Thanks!
  6. You got them!
  7. So what teams are available? I guess I'll take the Canucks if they are.
  8. Don't care about the team.
  9. any team u want that left?I know u said idc, but u sure?
  10. yayaya!
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