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Conversation Between Twitchy and CHRISDODGERS

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  1. Hey. Don't know if you got my message but hit me up when you get a sec!
  2. I'd cover some salary for Ralphio but you really don't have much else in the way of prospects. I moved a first rounder to get Mouse and it doesn't make sense to do it for anything less than that, but your first would be too high and you have nothing else in between.
  3. whachu want for Mouse? something minimal?
  4. We can try lol
  5. Yo I want Arnold from the Pirates... can we work something out?
  6. you're up dawwwwg.
  7. sounds good, thanks
  8. I just got home and I'm downloading the file right now.
  9. PM'd you, did you find out for me?
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