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Conversation Between Twitchy and SensandRaps

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  1. Fair enough. I'll check back in July.
  2. i rather hold out then tbh since i think if i was to trade miller i could get someone better
  3. I guess Miller would be fair. He's declining a little but I'd be willing to take the risk.
  4. really depends on what you want in return for him, since higashioka has been doing decently for me vs righties
  5. Any luck trading for that SP? Otherwise I got Braden who can help you at C.
  6. not really no, cant afford to take on any more salary this year and his extension makes it risky to even trade for him
  7. Any interest in Brantly?
  8. your up in the tkro draft
  9. Hey you wanna chat about Lawrie?
  10. im responding to your pm now, sorry my internet has been really bad lately
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