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Conversation Between Twitchy and DaSox_05

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  1. No worries. Thanks.
  2. My fault man I totally missed that. I reopened the thread.
  3. Fudge!!!! Let me check it.
  4. Hey. I posted in the new thread, but I think you miscounted. You counted Ryan on Baller's vote against me, but he has 37 posts. There was a econd guy, Jrossman or something that has 88. So neither of those votes count. Meaning that it's still 6-6.
  5. We started round picking today and you need to pick if you havent already.
  6. Call ended so I picked .
  7. If the guy I sent on my list is available can you pick him for me and PM the next guy? Thanks. Sorry I'd do it but I'm in a call right now.
  8. Pick
  9. will do, thanks
  10. Pick
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