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Conversation Between RaiderKid318 and raiderposting

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  1. Lol or maybe he is AL and he couldn't handle the criticism so he faked his death. Mark gave him madden, and said this is new technology you can control all your GM moves electronically now so he spends his nights defending his sucky players on PSD and days creating super teams on madden... Lol I'm tired.
  2. haha maybe thats true. he's turning into Al himself.
  3. Palmer is a ****ing stud on madden though lol
  4. Not at all lol. It is quite hilarious to be frank. Between that and his rants that Ro can still be a perinnial pro-bowler it's safe to say that man is reaching a senile age brotha or is just off his rocker lmao.
  5. is it bad that i put him on blast? i think its justified for him to be forced outta psd lol
  6. sorry but i have to disagree lol. I watch most the niner games since my dad likes them. Seymour is washed up and barely shows up. one of their 3-4 des is justin smith who is a top 5 3-4 DE. Ray Mcdonald is also a beast of his own so i dont think seymour will start for them. Branch no way dude lol. Last year branch might have started, this year branch has severely regressed and he just flat out sucks now. Whitner is a beast and a big hitter. Carlos Rogers is one of the most underrated CBs. Huff I dont think is better than their 2nd corner. Remember huff looked awful until the jags and chiefs games. The jags had no one at WR and Bowe doesn't want to play anymore. Vincent jackson made him look ******** once again and i think boldin and smith will do the same next sunday. You a cool dude, but trust me no one will be starting on that team. Their D is truly that special and i hope one day we can have it. Seymour is nothing like he used to be.
  7. Richard Seymour because he is a great 3-4 DE who can shut down the run and get to the QB, he also comands a double team which mcdonald does not. This would free up smith or their NT to 1-1 which would be a sack almost every other play lol. Huff at CB possibly because their CBs are not that great (neither is huff I know) but their front 7 can make anyone look good. Lastly Branch he struggled this year, but that is because he has HORRIBLE CBs and he might as well be lined up one on one with them lol. He is a sure tackler though and he would play in a 3-3-5 package and more than likely take over whitner's spot at some point because that front 7 would make him look like a stud and he would destroy the run even more than he already does for us (excluding this last game). Just my opinion though, but it is safe to say seymour would def. start for them.
  8. lol i like you bcuz you aint one of these blind homers but im just curious whose the 1 or 2 player on our D that you think will start on the niners? i firmly believe there isn't one.
  9. i got xbox anyway, good luck
  10. Im on ps3 and I'm bustin my *** for mid terms
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