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Conversation Between TeamGoku and Game_Over

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  1. He (ET) acted reformed for like a week then right back to the same crap he always pulls
  2. ET is the racist little *****!!
  3. Yeah totally its sad that its gotten this way, I remember the days when fans of the Broncos wanted the next Elway we finally have someone who could be called his equal if nothing else and people are crying cause we got rid of a guy who yes gave us an exciting season last year but isn't a franchise guy yet and sorry but id much rather see us win on a regular bases then 8 wins a year
  4. Nice Post!!! I can't believe how much people are still crying over this. Cutler was twice the QB as Tebow and people weren't that pissed when we got rid of him. Now we get a QB who is 4 times the QB and people are crying about it.. lol just glad I am not the only one who see's it!!
  5. That is awesome lol. I don't think is that type of guy to demand a trade after all is said and done but I really wouldn't blame the guy if he did. People are just starting to get annoying and out of hand with all the misleading information cause truly no one knows cause neither of them (tebow or manning) have been showing their hands. So till we hear it from their mouths people should stop assuming they have any idea what's going on........ and im referring to EvanTurner in the Bronco forums mostly.....
  6. LMAO I saw on Twitter a guy said Tebow is going to demand a trade so I went into the forum and started saying where is your link who is your source lmao and it turns out he runs the forum and I think I shut him up and people in his own forum are starting to take my side it is classic lol.
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