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Conversation Between matthollabak and sacgiants1213

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  1. Hey, I just followed you. Follow back!
  2. matthollabak is my twitter handle
  3. What's your twitter handle.
  4. better late than never right
  5. Thanks for the 3 month belated reply lol.

    I listen to 1070 The Fan.
  6. HAHA just saw ever find a station? I usually listen to 1070 am...Dan Datitch is kind of annoying at times but he is an *** to dumb callers and cracks me up but I'm usually working when he is on....after him the ride with JMV is a pretty good show on that same station...I think he comes on at 4 est...brings in a lot of local writers and really is an every sport show...he's even had some WWE guys on and Pat Mac is a regular and guest hosted for a bit.

    I know it is on line and depending on where you are it is also on FM something like 107.5 but I bought into the HD radios in my car and it cuts in and out when the signal is weak on FM so I usually stick with AM.
  7. What's the best radio station/show in Indy? I want to listen to Colts offseason shows, but don't know where to look.
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