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Conversation Between Cal827 and Gram

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  1. Haha, nice.... It's what keeps PSD alive on the down times. Trolling on a Knick fan is easier than a Kardashian at a National Basketball Players Association meeting.
  2. I just ripped a Knick fan in the NBA forum ahha.
  3. Don't worry man, I'm starting to accept that a top 5 pick in next year's draft is going OKC's way lol.. You guys have Drummond; him and JV will become the best centers in the League in the future and will have many great battles. I can't wait... although it's gonna be funny and odd being on opposite sides when the Pistons/Raptor fans start baiting each other in the general forum... But I think our fan bases will come to a truce, and go after Knick fans lol
  4. Just having a hard time accepting how bad my Pistons are.
  5. Lol, always great to have you grace my wall. What's up buddy?
  6. Cal.
  7. Aha the NBA mods fought to bring me back. <3 Mad respect to them <3 Aha thanks man. Now if we can only bring Geargo back.
  8. Lol, well of course you should be there. Thought you were banned though.... Welcome back lol
  9. Thanks for putting me in that post, dude.
  10. Dude, no way should Hellcrooner be Commish before me. </3 He'd make the Raptors trade Bargnani, Ed Davis and Calderon for Gasol!
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