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Conversation Between Cal827 and xxplayerxx23

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  1. Tor VS NYK ECF. The Haters will come at us but its set in stone. And yeah some Knick fans make me every post lol
  2. The honest way we beat Miami is if Lebron injures himself while dunking, and Injuring Wade and Chalmers on the wad down.

    The threads will be horrible for you guys as some Knick/Net fans will disgrace the fanbase, but hilarious for the rest of us.. So Brace yourselves, the llullz are coming
  3. Thats easy,I got those numbers with ease. lol Yeah man I believe all 5 of us will be in the playoffs. That division is stacked. I have you guys at the 8 seed Knocking off Miami ofcourse . Yeah Knicks VS nets baiting threads are going to be horrible lol.
  4. Hell ya! Looking for a year of contention. You better pull your weight. Averaging 32-13-13 on 71% shooting doesn't seem to hard.

    Can't wait for this season though. The Atlantic is gonna be competitive to say the least. I'm sure you can't wait with your fellow Knicks fan for this year... I do wish you guys luck in the war on DoMeFavors, cause I can see a new bait thread every time you guys lose a game
  5. So you ready for the Raps season? Lowry at PG and me at SG must be exicting
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