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Conversation Between Cal827 and StinkEye

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  1. lets see how this new thread goes
  2. Of course they'd offer the Angus, their Anguses are loose as **** anyways. They're the same fans who made riding the pine so fun for Adam Morrison.
  3. Nice hearing that from you... but based on half of the Laker Homers on this site, some would basically offer anything to see Kobe... even if it's the Angus
  4. I don't even think I'd let that ******** talk to my grandmother, or even touch one of my brothers. He'd probably **** my deceased dog.
  5. Of course he mad that Kobe wasn't invited. According to Laker fans, Kobe should be allowed in everything, from Movies, to Colorado Chicks.
  6. he mad Kobe wasn't invited
  7. LOL, but then again, what's new? It's a Laker Homer. They have tendency to enter the general NBA forum without a filter, and go full ****** into anything.
  8. jeeeeeeeeeez that thread is ********.
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