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Conversation Between xnick5757 and Aust

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  1. all aboard
  2. lol that sig
  3. lol that was funny what BB did
  4. as long as they GTFB I think we will be ok
  5. Our safeties better not cheat. Flacco will live and die on those bombs.
  6. 1 more game to go until super bowl!
  7. all depends on our defense, but I agree, we are amazingly healthy this year!
  8. I'm telling ya man, I'm trying to contain my excitement. We've never been this healthy or talented. I've honestly never seen us this good. I truly think this is our year.

  9. stars are aligning, just like last year!

    i'm still nervous though, texans are very talented!
  10. Just gotta take care of business tomorrow and we'll have HFA BABY!
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