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Conversation Between cambovenzi and Bigdaddyburch

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  1. Hey cam whats up? LOL I see you ripping on the all time greats again. Ok I bit your turn. I cant wait for all this lock out stuff to end so we can get a few rounds in again.
  2. Ya I know. I just cant believe some one would do that. It had to hurt so bad.
  3. Yeah I just checked it out. That was a hell of a run. Pretty crazy that he stayed in the game. Hes a tough dude. I wouldn't want my QB to be doing that kind of thing tho. Wouldn't want him to be gimpy the rest of his career when he can barely move.
  4. Hey did you ever watch that? Oh I just wanted to say I respect your football smarts. Your a fun stats guy to debate sorry if my innate sarcasim is a bit much. I really do like argueing with you... Peace
  5. Hey this has nothing to do with your boy just wondered what you thought about it.
    Just watch the whole thing not sure I ever seen anything like it before.
  6. I really do wish the Bears the best. They really remind me of the last Bear team to go to the SB. I think they have a chance to surprise teams. I think they have a shot at dome teams due to there D speed.
  7. Thanks. Happy New Year to you too.
  8. Hey on a personal level Happy New Year.
  9. Hey good convo I will check it in the am. To tired tonight been up since 3:20( works got me starting at 4:30 so we can get off early tomarrow. See ya
  10. I see ya posting in our forum. Things have fallen in around us. This will be Ortons last year here not sure what we do. FYI I am still glad Cutler is gone from here for several reasons though. He has played better the last three games not sure you could say he is winning them but better. I understand the last one though. Your a dome like team playing outdoors in the snow on the road it is good cause to lose a game. JK/. Anyway no matter what I will never miss Cutler he did not want to be here and grew up a Bears fan thats where he should be and after he spewed his haterd for the Denver fans its just best we parted ways. You are wecome in our forum though as long as you dont come in with kill yourself we have Cutler and your all stupid punks because you hurt his feelings and traded him stuff that most Bears fans love to come in with. Well looking forward to another blow out this weekend to the Raiders. Should be fun dont worry we will rise again much to the displeasure of most in Chicago. Good luck in the playoffs I am interested to see how Jay handles his first winning season since grade school. If I were him I would take out the whole D for getting me there.
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