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Conversation Between JesusMontero and Rylinkus

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  1. I'd keep Montero over any of our prospects as well. But there are 2 important things that might make you deal him. 1. He's just a prospect, and plenty of prospects do not pan out. 2. He may not have a position. If he can't adequately catch, we have no place to put him. I'm excited about our prospects as much as the next guy, but the odds that Banuelos, Bettances, Romine, and Montero all make it to the majors and contribute is basically zero. I'll trade an elite prospect for a VERY good pitcher every time.
  2. If there was one prospect to keep I would say Montero. I would even be more willing to give up G. Sanchez or Romine.
  3. No prob man. Anytime you need a thread closed, editted, etc. Drop a line.

    And i love prospects, and love minor league ball. But I trade any prospect we have for a legit front end starter who is proven.
  4. Thanks for closing the threads i couldn't get the polls to be like i wanted. I finally got it though
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