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Conversation Between dhopisthename and Jets012

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  1. you kind of look like you need two bigs how about lafrentz and hord for deng+something?
  2. Update on trade offer?
  3. do you want the other ones? deng might get hurt as well
  4. Really? **** nevermind
  5. have you seen the new rules? if we check someone they have to move there aka iggy would lose rebounding points
  6. Can to give me the ratings for these guys at these positions defensively?

    Iggy @ PG
    Gay @ PF
    Deng @ PF
    Deng @ SG
    Emeka @ C
  7. Yea they noticed it anyway, my mistake
  8. you can't camp zo he is over 30. you best remove that before they input it
  9. otc
  10. he got the rewards
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