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Conversation Between dhopisthename and Jets012

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  1. Yea they noticed it anyway, my mistake
  2. you can't camp zo he is over 30. you best remove that before they input it
  3. otc
  4. he got the rewards
  5. I can still D-League McCollum this year since he didn't get his rewards last year since he wasn't on the IR 3 times?
  6. Hey question,

    If I d-leagued someone last year but never followed through with the IR rule, they are still eligible this year as long as they are in year 1 or 2, correct?
  7. you are up and have 30 minutes
  8. yes the experience isn't the key it is real life
  9. Aminu who should be going into his 4th season if I am correct?
  10. give me the guy
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