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Conversation Between dhopisthename and Mr. Baller

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  1. sorry but, you can't sign any of jackson rau, yusef bendover, lance bass, star burst, mike hunt, fake fakerson, butt hole, and matter vaginepants. those guys were all created just to to have a full class.
  2. wanna do my claims again . Not sure when I last did them, think it was 2 seasons ago.
  3. your claims are done. if you won any series last year you need to add it.
  4. well I had magic last time and its a lot harder to build around them then you would think. you have to have defense at 3/5 spots with good shooting to boot.
  5. counter
  6. meh. no thanks.
  7. Magic and glen rice for durant and jkidd
  8. I'd give you a pick for Tyson, but would you be interested in cutting back Raef. I know he has hefty contract but its only 2 seasons.
  9. probably gonna pass on the deal for now. And Im leaning towards giving this group one more year until the Joe Max comes in before i decide to make some major changes unless I get a great offer
  10. are yout still interested in our deal? if not would you move lafrentz?
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