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Conversation Between dhopisthename and unleashthebeast

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  1. I want a wing more then a pg. I want to just move roy to pg. plus he is 30 and doesn't match my core very well
  2. What kind of pg are you trying to get? Francis is like the 4th best PG in the sim haha
  3. I don't think francis is that much better then miller and I don't want to super max francis
  4. We cant do something around Francis for that package you're offering?
  5. can we do O'neal for daughtrey so that my other deal can go through? they were picked 1 pick apart haha.

    If it goes through i would be able to do Cooper + McAdoo for O'Neal Hondo later most likely if you can

    EDIT: Nevermind you totally dont have Brad haha
  6. never asked for pf, but he is c+ at sg
  7. cool, can he play any SG or PF?
  8. done
  9. lower almond to 5 mil and i'll claim
  10. no more pieces doesn't help. you don't part out guys like griffin
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