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Conversation Between dhopisthename and carter15

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  1. wanna claim my C whose name i can't pronounce? good big depth, good contract, just 7.5M to claim.
  2. sure that harden guy looks pretty good .
    ill let you know after a little bit have two other pg's that i have my eye on
  3. Pick and cash for a PG i have?
  4. you are up
  5. nah
  6. well i have offers of better 1sts.. so nah .. unless ud give a chunk of cash (instead of the pick).. or two firsts.. or some combo
  7. some good luck. the rebounding and defense went up by themselves and I got his inside up with camps and dleague. so you wouldn't do it for my first? wouldn't give up much more then that he makes a ton
  8. how did archibald turn into that?

    im looking for a first .. just your 1st would be really bad :/
  9. what for zo
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