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Conversation Between dhopisthename and zB_#85

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  1. announcement posted on the salary floor.
  2. you're good to go
  3. when you get a chance can you check my claims so I can euro roy. btw is the 55 mill rule a thing? I have looked at some other teams and they were not using that figure.
  4. Otc
  5. um i want to tank for at least one more year so no thanks
  6. Zarko for your 2nd? I need cheap guys to develop and since camps cost me 2.5x I don't really get many camps so a flier on a 2nd I can send to d-league twice is my best option to develop youth.
  7. Done!
  8. jumping and quickness
  9. Sure. Lemme know which 2 categories for the combo.
  10. I know you are busy, but for my reward can I give it to rashard lewis?
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