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Conversation Between dhopisthename and zB_#85

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  1. same
  2. Marvin Williams at pf? Lemme know plz if he's way worse I might not resign him after all...
  3. the game is stupid and I couldn't put in offers for him and you had the "best" offer.

  4. #1- you said I signed Darko in the lounge but he's still a FA on the site

    #2- are 2nd rounders allowed to be QO'd?
  5. Lyler me. Heat 1st and Hornets 1st....
  6. Gimme Henrys pot pleeze ray: wanna make sure he didn't tank...
  7. You're up, draft over.
  8. you know the draft go ahead
  9. you need to pick for Pacers before we can move on. 2 picks skipped now we need an AP.
  10. well they all have ratings on mine. try see if you can get it to work
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