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Conversation Between dhopisthename and zB_#85

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  1. Yo you down for a good sim league? Got some gm spots to fill.
  2. Sorry to bug but don't forget d-league and can you please do my roster changes before TC? Thx!
  3. Yo just a reminder to input d-league before TC
  4. You cool if I post TheGodfather as new C's GM? He's new but not like we have people lined up....
  5. Duncan supposed to be cutback to Spurs when you get a chance. Thx.
  6. Hey man, I have a few moves out there so just thought I'd save you some headache:

    1. Pick 25 (from Bucks) was never moved to me on the file.

    2. Please process my Spurs trade last as the cap room from the Sonics trade will be needed for that one to work.

  7. Reminder pick 25 should belong to me. Check Bull Jazz trade thread. Never got changed to me in the owed picks thread.
  8. Yea I know lol. Don't see why he cut 2 in the waiver thread and 1 in the trade instead of all in the cut thread lol
  9. oh I wish people would just do stuff right
  10. Didn't the Bulls cut 2 in the Petro waiver then cut the 3rd in the Bulls/Jazz trade thread? Doesn't that give him room?
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