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Conversation Between dhopisthename and zB_#85

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  1. Done!
  2. jumping and quickness
  3. Sure. Lemme know which 2 categories for the combo.
  4. I know you are busy, but for my reward can I give it to rashard lewis?
  5. does it count for the 3 total he can get?
  6. Let me know which free workout you want for your banker reward. Workout of your choice on Vince or a combo on anyone else of your choosing.
  7. OK cool
  8. um sure
  9. Hey Grant and Vince got the combo workout. Grant is now 30 so I'm not worried about him, he can't make it to 4 workouts but on Vince what do you want to do? Do you want to use your job reward after this season for his 4th workout?
  10. Ok np
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