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Conversation Between dhopisthename and zB_#85

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  1. I'm game. How do we get salaries there?
  2. I can give you this years first. I probably won't be very good.
  3. Cash or future 1st. I won't be too picky but won't give him away either. I'd prefer to give him to an Eastern Conference team tho so I'm sure we can work something out. What are you thinking? How would we even get salaries there?
  4. define cheap for bledsoe
  5. same
  6. Marvin Williams at pf? Lemme know plz if he's way worse I might not resign him after all...
  7. the game is stupid and I couldn't put in offers for him and you had the "best" offer.

  8. #1- you said I signed Darko in the lounge but he's still a FA on the site

    #2- are 2nd rounders allowed to be QO'd?
  9. Lyler me. Heat 1st and Hornets 1st....
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