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Conversation Between dhopisthename and Ebbs

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  1. I worded the thread badly pick 6 guys and you win if you get 4 right for dunk and 3pt
  2. don't have anyone to ir
  3. dont forget to put your "IR" on the DC or they will fine you
  4. yes
  5. can contracts of any size be waived now?
  6. lol I resign from sim. Sorry dude kept thinking i'd get into it again but i'm just not in it aha.
  7. he didn't when you import drafts like I did it doesn't keep the scouted potential so just the letter changed
  8. If there was no TC how did Oladipo go down in potential?
  9. Could I use my other 2 pots on tyreke and thorntom
  10. I will discuss this later
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