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Conversation Between dhopisthename and DaddyCool

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  1. aight keep me posted
  2. I am waiting on his pot, but if it isn't very good, not much
  3. wat for mo pete
  4. nope
  5. i'll take all three of those guys for your 04 1st.
  6. gay has been taken.
  7. your claims are wrong. You only get 10 mil instead of 15 for getting to the ECF.

    I'm dumb and posted this in the wrong section (again) so yeah, just a reminder to cut him too.
  9. Pistons? Isn't Dallas OTC after Portland is skipped?

    EDIT: Nvm i'm dum
  10. Draft started again at 9 EST right? And since BAY is always invisi, is it my pick?
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