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Conversation Between dhopisthename and phlp_bj

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  1. ur up
  2. you might be up soon. xx is on. i messaged homie on fb
  3. up
  4. picccckkkk dhop
  5. dumb mle rules. oh well. you can have him in the offseason lol
  6. if only we could just cut him back.
  7. if only u didnt need mason
  8. it just doesn't work I sit at 88.6 mill and he only makes .6 mill and collison makes nearly 3 mill. so I am a full million over and I can't include anyone else because i have to stay at 12 players
  9. what if i took corbin back?
  10. ugh I was trying to do a trade with collison, but I can't since I can't figure out a way to not go over 90 mill.
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