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Conversation Between dhopisthename and phlp_bj

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  1. dumb mle rules. oh well. you can have him in the offseason lol
  2. if only we could just cut him back.
  3. if only u didnt need mason
  4. it just doesn't work I sit at 88.6 mill and he only makes .6 mill and collison makes nearly 3 mill. so I am a full million over and I can't include anyone else because i have to stay at 12 players
  5. what if i took corbin back?
  6. ugh I was trying to do a trade with collison, but I can't since I can't figure out a way to not go over 90 mill.
  7. I think I can still get more. he was really good for me last year. on a different team he averages 20/10 with good pecentages
  8. im giving u 15 for manu and absorbing his entire salary
  9. meh I can get more for manu then 10
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