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Conversation Between dhopisthename and kingbrentg

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  1. Too bad he was still so underrated for our team too :/ I like Utah's young pieces a lot
  2. yeah he has had 2 good games in a row. hayward is right averaging 19-7-5 with a 50% efg. its too bad the roster outside of hayward, favors, and kanter is such an abomination though.
  3. Hayward last night
  4. we will see. I hate writeups so much
  5. Hopefully we'll meet in the Finals, that'd make up for the other RD for sure
  6. we might not make the playoffs in the main redraft, but at least we get the 1st and 2nd seed in the bulls redraft
  7. yeah when I went to send in the trade it told me.
  8. whoops, I cleared some out
  9. your inbox is full
  10. hmm don't see you, but we will see what happens when you try to talk
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