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Conversation Between Mbellz3o8 and LionsFan..LOL

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  1. At some point yes. Its tough for a rookie TE to make a big impact though so I expect a lot of ups and downs this year.
  2. So do you expect Ebron to finally breakout during this time ? I
  3. He's been battling a foot/ankle injury the last 2 weeks but hasn't missed a game. The game against the Jets he was only on the field as a decoy. He was expected to do more against Buffalo but he caught a ball low to the ground and took a shot the leg and limped off. Sounds like a high ankle problem. Not sure if he'll play this week or not, but gun to my head right now I'd say no he won't.
  4. So can you feel me in on the Calvin Johnson injury ? Not trying to throw salt on the wound lol Just picked up Eric Ebron and Tim Wright this week hoping 1 of them can blow up
  5. I'd probably sit Blount.

    Anyway same to you good sir. It should be fun and something much more fun to watch on Monday Night lol
  6. Yup way I see it.. Is both of our a risk.

    Bell - For this season Reggie is still going to take carries. Dunno what he exactly is going to for the Lions.

    Rice - Coming back after "injury" beating his wife and having a down year.. He could either keep going down the road and really burn me or he can turn back into ALL-AMERICAN american hero Ray Rice. hahaha

    Bigger problem is who do I flex the next two weeks between. Reggie Wayne/L.Green/Blount/stills for the next 2 weeks haha. Anyway good Luck on monday sir... Maybe you guess can bench Suh since the Giants O-line minuse Pugh is trash
  7. Fair point. CJ, Fauria, Dropagrew, and Ebron will probably plan a,b,c,d. Seeing who you already have at RB its a real worthy gamble. If Rice returns to form then god damn do you have a 3 headed beast trio.
  8. non-PPR but I figured the Lions would just throw the ball to one of those 6'4 and above guys they have at WR and TE in the red zone. Either way guess it's worth a gamble since I have Lacey/Charles as my 1-2
  9. Given the past history I'd say the trade is fair even if Ray had a real bad year last year. I'd have to think about it but I might find the temptation of Rice's past history hard to ignore. Though if you aren't doing a PPR then Joique might be the better option, given that the Lions will *probably* be in the red zone more. Its an okay trade imo.
  10. So good or bad trade for me ? It was already accepted so I can't back out. But I am hopping Rice is jsut coming off a bad year and returns with a HUGE chip on his shoulder
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