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Conversation Between Mbellz3o8 and LionsFan..LOL

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  1. Read the first comment by blakhoode and the first response. That is what I'm ashamed of being part of this community and embarrassed to call myself a wrestling fan sometimes.
  2. its been 3 hours since htowns pick so your up now...
  3. your up
  4. Lol of course I forgot.
  5. Edit your post stafford didnt get drafted yet hahaha
  6. Anything that gets rid of that hack Miz is okay in my book.
  7. Im just adding to cena everytime just to troll all the cena haters. My next is prob taking Miz out to troll mel and sharter haha
  8. Any chance to troll Yosef I can't pass on
  9. Nah. With school and stuff right now I wouldn't be able to give the time.
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