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Conversation Between Bellz and CB29

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  1. Sorry not getting him for Cousins... That doesn't help me in any area at all man.
  2. Gay is the main guy in toronto now though.
  3. Yea no chance in hell I trade Boogie for Gay man
  4. I sent you a trade in the NBA fantasy league... Check it out
  5. Not sure if your stilll doing the redraft with HT or he is on his own but your up
  6. Your up canada
  7. Just wanted to make sure. Half the time i'm doing two things while posting so i like think what i wanna say but i end up typing something different so it gets screwed up lol.
  8. oo na dont worry about it lol didnt even take it the wrong way
  9. My bad bro... I really worded that comment really poorly... You have every right to voice your opinions against 9'11 being an inside move... And i obviously agree with your viewpoint as opposed to Chi's. But my bad, i worded that line like an idiot.
  10. No prob. U can always ms me or set ur pre draft rankings now so it'll draft for you according to your choices.
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