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Conversation Between Jeffy25 and J.Twiggy

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  1. Fielding Independent Pitching

    Fangraphs has a nice glossary for you
  2. what is FIP? our projected WAR is up there as well
  3. Certainly up there.

    They have the best projected rotation FIP, just ahead of the Dodgers and Cardinals
  4. So do my nats have the best rotation now with fister?
  5. Sorry that you guys lost but i have a feeling you all will be back stronger then ever in 2014.
  6. good luck in the postseason i got you all in the fall classic.
  7. we'll be back next season don't expect us to be as mediocre next season 2014 will be the Nats revenge
  8. Yeah, we kind of need to beat you guys this weekend.

    And you need the Reds to basically collapse.
  9. Yeah for your sake you better hope not chances are slim i'm ready for this season to be done
  10. Maybe you too
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