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Conversation Between Jeffy25 and J.Twiggy

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  1. heh yeah it'll probably be bad after the 7 years
  2. No, I think it's a fine deal. Over the first 7 years anyway.

    It'll be awhile before it's a negative, though it will probably end up being a negative in the end. It's great for awhile.

    Phillies sucked because Amaro made some really bad moves with that team, like extending Howard way before he had to and other related moves. The pitching wasn't the issue.
  3. so what does Jeffy think of the scherzer deal? are the Nats falling into the phillies hole?
  4. your team is very beatable as well but you're right anyone can win in october i just want my Nats to get in and see what happens.
  5. Probably Dodgers because of their top 3 starters.

    But nobody specifically scares me overall. All teams are very beatable in a short series.
  6. Is there anybody in the NL playoff race that you'd rather not play come october?
  7. Fielding Independent Pitching

    Fangraphs has a nice glossary for you
  8. what is FIP? our projected WAR is up there as well
  9. Certainly up there.

    They have the best projected rotation FIP, just ahead of the Dodgers and Cardinals
  10. So do my nats have the best rotation now with fister?
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