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Conversation Between Jeffy25 and Buckwheat

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  1. I would look for high average guys with speed that hit a lot of ground balls and hit near the top of the lineup and don't draw a lot of walks.

    Guys like Starlin Castro, Starling Marte etc.

    You want high ground ball rates, because ground balls produce more base hits. You want an inpatient hitter that isn't going to draw a lot of walks (like a Votto) because while he is getting on base, he isn't getting that many hits overall.

    And you want a guy that hits near the top of the lineup, and you want to pay attention to the opposing pitcher. Is he a ground ball pitcher? Is he a high strike out pitcher? You want guys when they are facing people like Jake Westbrook who doesn't strike out many guys and there are a lot of ground balls.
  2. i play beat the streak on where you pick a player each day to get a hit. do you play? is there any certain stat you would suggest to get a slight edge? like would you think picking a hitter facing wainwright would be smart because his walk rate is so astonishingly low?
  3. Oh it is soooo freaking true.

    I am really rooting hard for the A's lol.

    But the Cardinals winning is my priority over everything else

    But yeah.....ya know
  4. You'd rather see the Tigers lose Friday than the Cards win tomorrow.

    You don't have to admit it. But I know it's true...
  5. Go ahead with it, we won't sticky it unless it keeps a lot of attention. But go ahead and create a thread for it if you like.
  6. I'm not sure if you play the MLB Beat The Streak fantasy game, but if you do, I was considering maybe making a thread in the MLB forum where it's stickied so people can talk about their streaks, who they're picking, discussing the current game with their hitter, etc.

    I didn't know how to approach such an idea, so I thought I'd screen it with you.
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