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Conversation Between Jeffy25 and metswon69

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  1. Have a great time!
  2. Hey just wanted to give you a headsup that i'll be on vacation the next 10 days after today. I'm going to Tijuana/Southern California (stateside) and maybe Vegas for a day with a few buddies so I won't be around the MLB forum.

    Anyway, here's hoping the morons don't come out in droves for the playoffs.
  3. Just to let you know dude Swisher and Bourn did both receive QO last year if you want to edit that.
  4. See now my username is shiny blue lol..
  5. Thanks lol..
  6. Welcome to the darkside my friend!
  7. Said it better than I could.

    He didn't seem to understand that I was taking Wainwright's career averages and using that to fill what he should do the rest of the year and showing what his numbers would look like at the end of the year if he just sustained his career averages from May-Oct for the rest of the year.
  8. Sorry for going in on your point there btw..
  9. We don't have proper velocity information prior to 2002
  10. Pitchers not throwing as hard in regards to average velocity in the previous decades i mentioned.

    I mean we have a ton of guys now who throw 93-95 with their average velocity (reaching higher when they want to). Wondering if the increased velocity is leading to more numerous arm injuries.
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