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Conversation Between Jeffy25 and sacgiants1213

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  1. Top 10 pitcher with Wainwright, Strasburg, Price, Hamels group

    Excellent pitcher, way ignored for absolutely no good reason.
  2. Where do you Bumgarner among SP right now and going forward?
  3. Good luck this upcoming series. It's crazy you guys face sf/la back to back years. I'm praying for your red birds.
  4. I traded Utley a while back and Rendon had been my 2b. But he's been pretty mediocre... Phillips is having a good season. As for Stanton.. he's too talented. Don't care about low avg/obp... just want the HRs/RBI.
  5. why Phillips?

    Stanton has to learn plate discipline before he'll ever become elite.

    I can understand missing Shelby though.
  6. Just a little update... traded Shelby Miller/Timmy/Anthony Rendon for Giancarlo Stanton/Brandon Phillips. I'll miss Shelby...
  7. Just a 1 year league. The good thing about waiting to round 20 to get SP is you find gems like Shelby Miller/Matt Harvey/Teheran, etc.. It's fun trading round 20 picks for players that went round 1/2.
  8. Keeper league or just this season?

    If it's a keeper league, keep him.

    If it's just this season, then yeah, unload him.
  9. Probably what the Nats should have done with Strasburg instead of just shutting him down. Anyway, I'm thinking bout dealing Miller in fantasy baseball which is why I asked the question. He has immense value, so i think the timing is right.
  10. Unless of course he shows signs of fatigue, dead arm, etc. As long as he seems fresh, they'll keep going with him
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