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Conversation Between Dr Cyanide 28 and Norm

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  1. i dont think the eagles will trade him though.
    bills were interested before
    btw have you tried trading with the zona gm? hes really hard to get ahold of... he has two wide receivers i would take in slot and its killing me
  2. That would be sick for sure.....

    3 teamer are so hard but I'm down.
  3. i want lesean mccoy haha hed be so good with peyton
  4. could use


    maybe a 3 team deal?
  5. MJD is gone....

    UGH. I'll make it worth it. name your price.
  6. our trade for a running back feel through... so not sure we are going to moving willis soon. unless we could get mjd...
  7. Poz based? I can't take huge cap either. We'd have to make it somewhat close.

    We need to get this Willis thing figured too, or are you waiting on a RB? I have another trade that hinges on it and he's getting pissy.
  8. dont wanna thomas. cheap #1 is a huge get for us. dumervil is available but would have to be a good deal for us
  9. gimme Thomas
  10. gimme mcgahee
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