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Conversation Between Dr Cyanide 28 and astrosmaniac

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  1. yeah that describes him to a T for what he did in houston. good for him
  2. he has played well this year but hasnt done anything to write home about. helps move the chains and is a big body and well above average run blocker. I have been very happy to have him. When he catches the ball, he runs with authority and tries to punish the tackler. He does much more then his numbers indicate. If we didn't have stokely he would have much better numbers, but only so many balls to go around and peyton likes to spread out his attempts.
  3. hey, i was just wondering, how has dressen done for denver this year? i liked him a lot in houston, but graham has eased the loss and i just wanted to see how he was doing? really want him to do well (for him and for our comp pick)
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