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Conversation Between theDutchDetroit and sleepercell3

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  1. btw i called that number and got a secretary who said she had no contact with the front ops. so there goes that...
  2. lol funny ****.
  3. Dude one of those fish fans is preaching we are the same person, what a doucher.
  4. yeah me either. it'll be interesting haha
  5. same, ill be up at like 10. Tell me how the call went like if you got DD al avila or just a rep lol. Or left a message, I dont know how that stuff works with calling the front office. C ya bro.
  6. i'll let you know how it goes. i gotta work in the morning so no sense arguing wish fish fans when i could get some sleep
  7. haha, k man. I think ill hit the sack. after makeing such a big deal about this what if the guy was like naifi perez rotfl! c ya
  8. Im sure you would get dave on the line (=
  9. yeah thats the number. i'll try it tommorow when i get outta work
  10. thats to the tigers front office? If I were you I would just call and say put hanley out there.
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