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Conversation Between Hustlenomics and Swashcuff

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  1. Harden is going to be better than Westbrook. I said the thunder wouldn't win last year and im saying it again this year just like i said the Bulls wouldn't win last year. im right 98% of the time
  2. You really want me to remember the many many many wrong predictions you have made on PSD? Well here is one
  3. i watch them play all the damn time they're always on TV. Eric snow was playing point guard so Iverson was playing at the 2 so he got to shoot as much as he wanted. Difference is Westbrook is playing point and is playing like a shooting guard. What predictions of mine have been wrong?
  4. Dude do you even watch the Thunder play? Also do you remember in A.I.'s MVP season when many said he was playing out of position? Look at what happened. However I know you're going to come back saying Russell Westbrook isn't A.I. news for you he doesn't have to be if you're going by that premise. You really need to put that crystal ball down because damn near every prediction you make turns out to be wrong.
  5. he's playing out of position and it will come back to haunt them in the playoffs if he doesn't smarten up
  6. Did you see me say anything about points? There have been more 7 occasions this season in which Westbrook has led the Thunder in scoring while attempting the same amount or less shots than Kevin Durant. By that notion you'd be saying that Harden is also better than Durant too right. This goes way beyond points, its based on overall performance on both sides of the ball and leadership. Knowing when to step up when your best player isn't playing his best. Westbrook has shown the ability to do that as this season has progressed just as Harden stepped up when Westbrook wasn't at his best.
  7. he takes so many shots of course he's going to score more points. even though he's ignoring his teammates he is being aggressive consistently
  8. Are you willing to admit that Russell Westbrook is better than James Harden yet?
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