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Conversation Between Hustlenomics and Hawkeye15

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  1. Deandre Jordan, Tyson Chandler,Nene, heck even Greg Oden, but I doubt Ainge goes after them. I agree, i think Doc should limit KG's minutes like Pop did with Duncan and Green needs a bigger role
  2. who do you think they should target for big men? Its obvious they need to limit KG's minutes big time next season, and resigning Green would allow them to give Pierce reduced minutes. What players are you targeting?
  3. We need to get rid of Big baby and get some healthy big men and see what ray,pierce,and KG has left for one more run
  4. I love his loyalty, that is for sure. Man, I forgot he went to Oak Hill, damn. Hey dude, what do you think the C's need to do to be in the conversation next year for a title?
  5. sweeeeeeet. Thanks bro
  6. yea it was MTV cribs here's some of the episode
  7. hey dude, where is your sig from? Is it something that shows Rondo's pad? I would love to see it if you know where I can find it
  8. lol true
  9. dude, you know the children will come out on a thread like that. Even though its dead on, the Kobe defenders will come out armed.
  10. lol how so?
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