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Conversation Between RayRay and Kings49sGiants

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  1. never underestimate Tom terrific
  2. :cry:

    I should've ****ing won, I SOOOOOOOOOOO should've ****ing won. Tom Brady and his I'm gonna lead my team from 40 points down atitude need to go **** a goat.

    Good game sir, I have a feeling we're gonna do this later in the year
  3. lulz, yeah i raped survival like you rape goats(allegedly) . Im gonna try to guess some upsets till i get knocked out.

    **** Pettigrew. No Stafford, plus i got Tamme, the next Clark

    nah, i overtook you as the leagues best defense. im gonna go James Harrison on ur *** and give you a concussion.
  4. Hey,

    Congrats on winning survival if Dallas didn't decide to suck so much ***, I might've still been there.

    I proposed a deal in our fantasy league (Pettigrew for Jacobs), but I have a feeling you're going to reject. Either way, you have alot of RBs and I would like one please.

    also, its a shame I gotta put an end to your 3 game winning streak next week
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