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Conversation Between JFresh_#8Nets and Switch

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  1. Bought*
  2. Whats up man. Haven't been on psd in months. Nothing new here, bout a shell and am going with an itr booste setup. Haven't begun the process though. Still no k swap bro??
  3. Whats up man. Still no k swap project. I am currently in between jobs, so it will have to wait a while longer. What about you?
  4. What's good bro, how's that K Swap project coming along?
  5. Yeah keep it like that man, I have a TL as my daily, occasionally take my bubble out, weekends mostly. What are you trying throw that K swap in? I'm telling you for the best results, throw it in a cx bubble, if you can find one. They're lightest civics.
  6. It was actually a z1. I have kept my DC5 stock since I got it. Like you said they are to heavy to race, I would rather put money into an k swap project. I just use it as a daily car. Still saving up for a k project.
  7. a2 or a3?? I've been planning a K swap for a few months as well. Damn that's crazy though, just get another clean shell for cheap. DC5s are nice but too heavy to race. Is it stock, and mods?
  8. Thats cool. Nah I got myself a DC5. I had a k20 motor ready to swap into my buddys ek but he crashed it the week after and plans changed. I ended up selling the k20. I'm still hoping to do a k20 swap sometime in the future.
  9. Thanks, nah bro I have a B20v eg bubble all motor and an ek I recently got. I'm trying to replicate the one in my sig. You have a civic/integra?
  10. Nice sig. That your ek?
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