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Conversation Between IndiansFan337 and hineswardfan

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  1. I don't think there was any intent to injure with the hit. I don't even think he intentionally led with his head, it just happened to end up that way when the WR went up in the air and he was sandwiched between the two defensive players.

    I'm not criticizing the Steelers for the hit/injury or saying "I'm glad they lost because they hurt DHB"....I was just glad the Raiders could get a W for him. Obviously, a W is meaningless if he cannot walk, but it is a small importance to him as a member of that team.
  2. It's okay, even I overreacted at first it was an ugly day. I saw what you meant though it was just not the right place or time ya know man? If you look through my post history I was criticizing the hit as dirty, illegal and uncalled for... even posted the gif to prove my point. However it was the first I can remember actually being dirty from the Steelers (other than the hits Harrison puts on Browns & their rowdy fans that run on the field ) & it was made by our village idiot of a backup safety who was trying to make a name for himself. Stupid attempt that seriously deserves punished and I hope the Rooneys/Tomlin get him for it.
  3. Sorry for the issues. I thought your fans would see where I was coming from in seeing that I wasn't wishing any bad thoughts on your team.
  4. No disrespect is intended but sir could you please edit your post at least? It's causing more harm than what it's worth man
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