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Conversation Between IndiansFan337 and croce_99

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  1. It looks like BMD has a friend who's in for money on the message board, but I don't know that BMD is in. Did you talk to socal? I haven't, but I will email him now...
  2. Socal in for the money, correct? I have 1 of my buddies in right now. Another one said he'll join by tomorrow. So that's 5 of us if I did my math right...
  3. Wow 9 is a pretty large group. You'll still have fun and be able to hit up the pools at that time of the year.
  4. Vegas
    9 of us going

    I'll get the NBA playoffs and some baseball games. March would be so much better, but NBA playoffs will still be fun.
  5. I have that email sent to my cell phone, so I got his message. Thanks for the heads up though. That would make a big difference because I think there could potentially be 20 more pts scored in the Dallas/NYG game than in the KC/Denver game.
  6. Not sure how often you check your email. My brother-in-law just emailed all of us. Says this:

    I noticed on the fantasy football site that the tie breaker teams are incorrect. All year we have went by the LAST game of the week which is usually a Monday night game. This week all the games are on Sunday and the last game is Dal vs NYG. Put your points for the Dal vs NYG game in the KC vs DEN spot. So remember the POINTS in the KC vs DEN section will be our tie breaker this week.
  7. I've had it happen before. Usually it's automated and it's not an actual person behind the computer accessing your email. I've had it happen on facebook plenty of times. Just change your password and you're fine.
    You lucked out. One of mine on facebook was a link to a porn website and I had to defend myself saying it wasn't me that did it!
  8. Did already...Sorry about that. Have you had that ever happen on Yahoo before? Do you think I need to contact Yahoo in addition to changing my pw?
  9. You might want to change your email password. I got an email from you this morning, and I know it wasn't from you It was a spam link but I didn't click it.
  10. I only had them at 10 pts, but I'll take it.
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