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Conversation Between IndiansFan337 and YanksFan4Life

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  1. Oh, you're absolutely right about that. Being alone sucks, but all it takes is one good fight to miss it!
  2. Good luck with that. It's stressful. Being alone sucks, but relationships do too.
  3. I miss y'all too. I try to avoid using internet forums as much as I used to nowadays though. I'm 28, and I need to find myself a wifey before it's too late, lol.
  4. APT thinks that bc nobody cares about him that nobody cares about You!
  5. I miss you, YF4L. Please come back to us....
  6. Oh its IF337... interesting.
  7. There's so many different types of research... but maybe. I hate academia, so it greatly depends on what the environment is like.
  8. So you are studying now......So that you can do research for the rest of your life?
  9. Ive talked with some peeps in Space/Missile, and I've changed my mind. I think I'm gonna look into research wit' them though.
  10. Thanks. Payroll accounting.
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