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Conversation Between Cracka2HI! and Sportfan

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  1. ur up
  2. your co wanted to move him
  3. nah we're stoked Stephenson made it to us...
  4. stephenson/felton type deal?
  5. dude im pretty sure you're up the fukudome was on at 4:20 and the rule is 30 min to pick when you're online so he shoul dhave been skipped 4:50. technically you would be skipped too since you've had 30 minutes but i don't wanna be a dick lol so pick! and not my guy please
  6. your up
  7. bledsoe/lin type deal?
  8. Biedrins for Chuck Hayes?
  9. how bout now?
  10. U sure? I didn't get it either lol
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