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Conversation Between Cracka2HI! and homestarunner93

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  1. Yo, you're PM's are full. I'm not interested in that trade...
  2. Sounds good man. We're just going for a rebuild right now since the Cavs are kinda ******. I have two first rounders in 2002 and three in 2003 right now, so the future is looking bright!
  3. Hell yea man! I know you don't really help, but if you ever wanna bounce an idea off me just lemme know! I'll be around the league when work is slower, but it's pretty crazy right now. Glad to be back even tho I'm not doing anything lol!
  4. By the way, not sure if you ever got word of this, but you're my assistant in the Sim League...haha.
  5. I forgot to tell you that the max that you can offer Smith is like 1.4 million since he's only got two bird years. I haven't offered it to him yet, though.
  6. I'm interested in Charlie V. Patterson+Lawal+Nene (cutback)+10k for him?
  7. Haha, no thanks.
  8. well if you ever want Gasol the price tag is really low!
  9. Yeah, its too late. Oh well.
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