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Conversation Between Cracka2HI! and Mane

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  1. I wouldn't either. At first I thought he was pretending to be that guy. As embarrassing as that might have been, it would actually be more embarrassing to be that guy!
  2. haha sadly i dont think he'll ever post here again
  3. Thanks mane! Yea I just recorded that ish on my cpu! I think I should start a feud with Menace...that could be intense!!
  4. damn you've got talent man.

    you just need proper recording equipment.

    i can't tell how seriously you take it, but its actually very entertaining.
  5. You've got mail!
  6. hahaha alrighty

  7. haha yea IDK about Menace!! PM me your email address if you want, thats they only way I know how to send it so far.
  8. hey i'd really like to hear your music?

    i'll give you valuable criticism, the only reason the oaktown guy got yelled at so much is hes incredibly annoying

    but i'll be honest with you and wont embarrass you.
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