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Conversation Between Cracka2HI! and Robbw241

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  1. I'd consider $10, don't really need a 2nd. I could use his D if Franchise goes down.
  2. 5 mil and a second for Jay Will?
  3. That's definitely worth thinking about. I'd have to find a couple other moves to make to balance my roster. Really need a dominant PG more than anything...
  4. Redd and Jordan for Duncan
  5. I'm not really looking to move RJ
  6. Cash for Jefferson?
  7. Nah, I'm good at 3.
  8. 6th pick in the draft + the Grizz pick and 10 mil for Pick 3?
  9. don't need wings...
  10. Nah, cash for Russell or Rider though
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