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Conversation Between Mike Oxlong and ellesmeire

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  1. I loved the late 80's Vikes. We had a Ravens like defense. The 90's were good but so were the Peckers. I will gladly accept your friend request. We are now E-friends.
  2. ****, yeah didn't get into football till I was 12...80's weren't that good, but damn I wish I could've seen 90's viking football
  3. That's kinda crazy. Been a Vikings fan since '81. Year I was born.
  4. Been a viking fan since 00, lived in Chicago from 88-05
  5. ****! Alaska! Ok that's too far for a friendly bet. I would never bet against them either..
  6. yeah, well im not going to bet on the vikings to lose ever[already have 100 going towards a money league]...even if I think they will, the one rule is don't bet against your favorite team. And I live in alaska...
  7. Are you from MN? I will bet you 100 real dollars that we beat the Bucs at home. Josh Freeman still isn't there just yet in my opinion. I don't thinkwe are gonna start 5-0 but very possible. If we get that one in San Diego it's doable.
  8. You are very optimistic about the season, I love it but it's going a bit out there that we can start 5-0, I could see us starting 3-2 and then fighting for the playoffs but its not looking good facing the chargers and buccs the first two...though I would **** josh freeman if he would get traded to us.
  9. I still don't think KC is that good. We can beat the Bucs at home. **** the Lions. They won't have their number 1 draft pick and the rest of the defense just isn't that good aside from Delmas...and it's at home.
  10. and no I didnt really like rice as much in 08/09, and was very pissed at him last yr...the ****er
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