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Conversation Between Crom-Viscera and jrm2054

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  1. Yo I sent you a trade offer
  2. Draft at 1030 new rosters since we only have 8 teams so check it out
  3. Join my fantasy league pm me your email
  4. I don't want to trade Brees
  5. Counter would you trade brees
  6. Big Ben Jonathan Stewart and Malcom Floyd for Drew Brees?
  7. Offered you a new dealm
  8. I'll be ok man
  9. But Greene will suck this year and Wallace is going to start learning a new playbook this weekend, harvin and Wallace is about even but forte is way better then Greene I think you could have got more for them
  10. I wanted Mike Wallace and Shonn Greene without having to give up too much for them
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