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Conversation Between hugepatsfan and brownsforever10

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  1. I know that they need a safety but I tried to be a bit different (I wanted to give you something original). They are probably more likely to stay at 7 and take Berry. I am pretty confident in the McCoy pick though, and I think that there is a good chance that the trade w/ NE happens, regardless of who CLE ends up taking. If I make any changes (and I definately will), I'll post them in the Cleveland forum for you to look at.
  2. nice nice, but with the newly aquired sheldon brown from the eagles i REALLY think the browns are looking at earl or berry so
  3. Oh and I'm in no way shape or form trying to change your mind, but here is food for thought, I've read that the browns are taking intrest in Earl Thomas, and might pick him instead of Haden, and in there mnd we would take 4 longhorns WR Jordan Shipley, some OL, QB colt McCoy and then S Earl Thomas just to make ya think a bit(I like Dexter mccluster too lol)
  4. Thanks man, I just like the routes your going
  5. No problem. I need to do some research first so it may take me a few days.

    This is a 2 round mock I did. I gave you guys Haden and Colt McCoy so far.
  6. Hey man i've noticed you like to do a lot of mocks, I was wondering if you could send me like a just browns mock with all picks and trades etc. If it wasn't to much trouble that would be great
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