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Conversation Between j11430 and Norm

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  1. I love how all the Anti-Tebow guys have these conspiracy theories to try to rationalize the signing to themselves. I've heard them all now.

    1. He's Rudy. He's going to work so hard it will influence others then they cut him in August.

    2. It's only a favor to McD and Urban. After the PS he's cut. BB is such a nice guy he wants to trade Mallett but he's going to give reps to someone else as a favor. Yeah.

    3. Belichick is just trolling the Jets. Yeah, I'm sure he'd waste his time.

    4. This is a ploy to increase Mallett's value by making him look good....Seriously?

    There's even more but my God.
  2. I posted the podcast link and article from a QB coach in the thread. Maybe about 30 posts ago.
  3. No but I would love to see that. Considering his lack of need to be focusing on learning the offense last season, I would expect his throwing motion to be damn near perfect by now
  4. I keep thinking I should turn the TV on but haven't. I guess I'll check it out.

    Did you catch any of that stuff I've been posting about all these diff ppl saying he's fixed his motion? Especially the podcast I posted?
  5. I was feeling the same way. I was starting to think his run was truly over, especially when Jacksonville said they had no plans to sign him whatsoever.

    Are you watching NFL Network? Darren Sharper is everything I hate about Tebow-haters. He keeps saying "HE CAN'T THROW THE BALL!" You shouldn't bring Tebow in if you plan on having him sling it around.
  6. I never argued about Tebow with him bc he won't listen to anything but what he says.

    But I had others think I was nuts.

    I was a little worried that he would really not make a TC right away this year. I'm excited now at the least he has a few preseason games in him.
  7. I will never forget this day. All those times Bagwell said things like "you clearly don't understand Belichick" and "that'll never happen" infuriated me, and now we can defiantly say we knew this would happen since the end of his time in Denver.
  8. #TebowTimeinNE

    We were right.
  9. Yeah we probably would be the only ones in it
  10. With 2 members?
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