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Conversation Between Giraffes Rule and Mr.Nate30

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  1. Want to join The PSD's Spurs?
  2. wheres josh when you need him
  3. I'm sure if they keep this up they won't be around much longer. If they can't be convinced by fellow Spurs fans to chill out, then nobody is going to be able to calm them down.
  4. im suprised neither have gotten infractions
  5. Yeah at this point I'm not even going to acknowledge anything either one of those clowns say. Half of what they say doesn't even make sense!

    Haters gonna hit
    To all da haters:You think youre hot,but you know the deal...well its me and you know who be keeping it real!!

    Seriously. What the ****?
  6. Man by the end of the week the spurs are going too be hated on PSD thanks to these two
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