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Conversation Between Giraffes Rule and Hawkeye15

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  1. Congrats! You got rid of Flynn!
  2. Yeah, I don't care much about that point guard list. When you look at the majority of the voters reasoning, it's obvious they aren't basing it on anything of substance. Just their perceptions and per game stats.
  3. Well he has hidden under the blanket of perception for many fans that Duncan and Manu carry that team, and that simply isn't the complete truth. Tony has been an under the radar top PG for 9 years. And he continues to be. So what? You got 3 rings out of him, one of which he was finals MVP.

    Fans perception means little when based on reality
  4. Definitely, I'm surprised at the number of people putting Jason Kidd above Parker. I guess a title really clouds peoples' perceptions of how good an individual player is.
  5. Parker should have gone above Rondo, but whatever
  6. I, and any mod, have never had an issue with you. Don't worry about it bro. You are a great poster here.
  7. Alright, I'll try to be more careful about the words I use from now on.
  8. its the wording homie. Its why I didn't delete the post, since you had a point.
  9. Seriously dude, since when is the word ignorant exclusively an insult? Am I in crazy town here?
  10. It works, trust me. We see them
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