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Conversation Between ATL-ALL-DAY and Dmac

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  1. Sounds cool. I haven't been to Miami either. I'll probably go to the next mania they have close to Chicago, or even in chicago.
  2. Yeah man, we had a blast... Raw was pretty hype too! I'm saving now for WM28 down in Miami... We've never been to Miami, so it'll be a 2 birds kind of trip... I gotta edit my pics and upload em to photobucket and let u check em out
  3. Haha, I'm glad you had a good time. I went to WM13, but other than the Bret/Austin match, it wasn't very good. And Wrestlemania weekend wasn't anything like it is today.
  4. Dude! That was THE most amazing thing I've ever seen live! Holy crap that was *miz voice* AWWWEEEESOOOOOME!
  5. Yeah, we are huge Cub fans. Wrigley is a great park to see a game if you have never been there. Well, the site is amazing, but there is no parking and the restrooms are subpar. What can you expect from a stadium that is almost 100 years old though. Hope you had a great time at mania.
  6. Yeah, I understand that... I have 2 kids myself (my wife doesn't have any tho, both are from 2 previous chicks). Money is kind of tight cuz she's not working now, but I wa out of work for over a year and she took care of EVERYTHING! so Axxess, WM, & Raw are on me as a thank you. My sister lives in Ft. Wayne IN and is a HUGE HUGE cubs fan. So my wife and I are trying to plan a trip to see her, then we all hit Chicago for hopefully a braves/cubs game... Or a cubs vs whoever...
  7. Yeah, my wife is the same way. She would enjoy herself at wrestling, she would just be asking me alot of questions. She knows who most of the wrestlers are though. MITB is going to be here ( I live in Chicago) so I'm debating whether I'm going to go. she said she would go with me. My best friend would go as well. We used to go all the time, but he has 3 kids now, and I think money is a little tight for him. So, I will probably end up paying for two tickets either way, then decide who wants to go.
  8. Yeah man, my wife's definitely a keeper... I got away from baseball for a while (same with wrestling), then she took me to a braves game, and now we're at at least 20 games a season... Falcons, Hawks, Braves... We go to a lot, she even got us tickets to a thrashers game and neither one of us know **** about hockey, but she wanted to go for the experience. She's a good lil sports fan and is definitely not a whiny "why are we here"/"I wanna go home" type of chick
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